I have been automating a web application regression test using Katalon Automation Recorder.

There is a part where I want to use a unique application ID that's generated by the system to search for the application again to verify its existence.

For this, I am trying to use the storeValue command like this:

(Command | Target | Value)

storeValue | id=_application_enquiry_portlet_WAR_morcmsportlet_custId | customerID |

When I run this, the test log does return this message after that line is run:

[info] Store 'AA12345' into 'customerID'

But when I try to call the saved value again on a different test case (but the same test suite) in a search engine like this:

 echo | ${customerID} | |

the value doesn't enter.

For the record, I also tried this:

 echo | id=s2id_autogen1_search | ${customerID} |

because I felt that, the echo still needed a target specified when entering a saved value. The line turned green which usually means it works, but the value doesn't appear in the search box and the log doesn't show the value being called either.

I am afraid that I could be using the wrong syntax, but I have been following what my research has brought me to believe is right. I am not sure what to do or where I am going wrong.


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echo will output the value of the variable in the Log. It can be used for debugging purposes.

Try using the command type to enter the value into the search box

type | id=s2id_autogen1_search | ${customerID} |

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