I have two independent variables with both two levels, which combined represent 4 conditions. I was wondering how I can the four different conditions out of the two independent variables so I can run a Pearson Chi-Square test and compare the 4 different conditions with for example age.


Plenty of ways to do this. The simplest version would be:

if conditionA=1 and conditionB=1 levelAB=1.
if conditionA=2 and conditionB=1 levelAB=2.
if conditionA=1 and conditionB=2 levelAB=3.
if conditionA=2 and conditionB=2 levelAB=4.

Here's another way you can go (assuming your condition variables are one digit numerics):

compute levelAB = 10 * conditionA + conditionB.

(of course in your syntax you'll have to replace the variable names and levels with the actual ones)

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