Is there a way to find out who pushed a particular commit to gitlab - In the commit log (I see the author set via the git client config) , I instead want to see which gitlab user's authentication was used to PUSH that code ?

PS: There are multiple git specific questions asked and there was no solution provided in the previous questions - want to see if gitlab has some specific implementation to solve this ?


I answered "no" 5 years ago, but GitLab offers audit logs of its own: As mentioned here HTTP and SSH requests are logged in different files:

However, that won't give you the SHA1(s) pushed, only the push event date and IP: you still need to cross-reference that with a commit date, to get an idea of who did push a given commit.


Only commit status can be known. But person who actually pushed cannot be known.


because of the confusing nature of your question, I am only able to provide simple answers. If what you are asking is to see what authentication a particular user has used to PUSH a commit then you should be able to find it based on the remote URL for the repo. If you are looking to find out who did a specific commit, you can search for it in the Web UI.

Hope this helps, reach out if you have additional questions.

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