I am working on a TensorFlow tutorial at the moment and need to download the source code. When I run git clone ..., however, I get the following error:

C:\Git\cmd>git clone https://github.com/tensorflow/nmt/
Cloning into 'nmt'...
fatal: unable to access 'https://github.com/tensorflow/nmt/': Could not resolve proxy: aproxy

I am working from my home network and have the latest version of Git.
I tried the following command, without success:

git config --global --unset https.proxy

Any ideas?


Git has its own proxy.

To reset git proxy:

git config --global https.proxy ""
git config --global http.proxy ""

To reset system proxy:

On Ubuntu, you can set proxy by using

export http_proxy=""
export https_proxy=""

export all_proxy=""

Then run

git clone
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Go to your cloned repository, and type:

git config -l --show-origin

Check if you see any http(s).proxy setting anywhere (since git config --global --unset only takes care of one of the config files)

Check also your environment variable in the CMD session/bash you are in (set or env) and make sure no HTTP(S)_PROXY variable was defined.

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