How to change package manager for Angular Cli v6.0.3 to yarn? I tried:

ng set --global packageManager=yarn

But Angular says:

get/set have been deprecated in favor of the config command.

ng config -g cli.packageManager yarn
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    Seems in version 8, 'set' comes back with an error. Thanks so much!! – Softwaretech Nov 8 '19 at 3:29

You can set global configuration using

ng config -g cli.packageManager yarn

If you want to set the package manager for a particular project then go to the root directory of the project and use the following command

ng config cli.packageManager yarn

To ng update using yarn you can also run:

ng update --packageManager=yarn

ng update --all --packageManager=yarn


I. Global configuration

 ng config -g cli.packageManager yarn

II. For a particular project

 ng config cli.packageManager yarn

Or you can add it directly in angular.json like this :

   "cli": {
      "packageManager": "yarn"


you hav to update package manager from npm to yarn.

ng config --global packageManager=yarn

if you need back yarn to npm then

ng config --global packageManager=npm
  • As of 6.0.0 this approach is deprecated in favor of ng config. – Deilan Jun 26 '18 at 10:02

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