I want to bind some extra data with a view. I am using tag in my xml file to add the extra information.

If the data is only String (android:tag="extra Info"), i am able to get the extra data by using getTag() in code.

But i want to bind multiple data as object to a view, for that i am setting an array as tag. When i tried to set android:tag="@array/xyz_array", I am still getting a String object instead of an array from getTag().

Can any body tell me, if i am doing something wrong ??


You can't do this from XML, XML supports only strings for view tags.

  • @Romain Guy: can you elaborate for better understanding of other readers. Do you mean we can do it via code using setTag() but not via putting some class attribute in xml directly ? Sep 18 '17 at 4:14

Actually you can do that if you define tag elements as a child for views. Define multiple Tag attribute for View in xml layouts

<View ...>
     <tag android:id="@+id/mytag"
          android:value="@string/mytag_value" />

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