I trying to get all notifications from my device and i can't get Name of application.

            UserNotificationListener notificationListener = UserNotificationListener.Current;
            UserNotificationListenerAccessStatus accessStatus = await notificationListener.RequestAccessAsync();

            if (accessStatus == UserNotificationListenerAccessStatus.Allowed)
                var notifications = await notificationListener.GetNotificationsAsync(NotificationKinds.Toast);

                foreach (var notification in notifications)
                    // Here is exception                

I'm getting NotImplementedException when i appeal to AppInfo property. Where am i wrong?

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Some notifications will fail to retrieve the app info. In the documentation, it's recommended to surround all code related to processing a single notification in a try/catch for this reason...

We recommend surrounding all your code for processing a single notification in a try/catch, in case an unexpected exception occurs when you are capturing a single notification. You shouldn't completely fail to display other notifications just because of an issue with one specific notification.

If you identify which app the notification is from and let us know, we can try to fix the issue. These are often Win32 apps. Thanks!

  • Yeah, i tried surrounding try/catch, but it just threw an exception :) I tested Telegram and VK Notifications and problem the same.
    – 4L3X
    Jun 26, 2018 at 5:03

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