I am using Gatsby v1.1.52 running Node v8.11.3.

When I run gatsby serve I am prompted with with message mentioning that there is an UPDATE AVAILABLE: The latest version ofserveis 9.1.0. I've tried running npm update -g gatsby' and 'npm update -g gatsby-cli.

Update available message

I can't find any documentation: the manual entry does not exist, the options (gatsby ?) doesn't include an update command and gatsby serve ? only serves the website again.

Gatsby options

I found a global npm package called serve but it is on version 5.6.0 and I don't think it is the same package that is being referred to in this instance but I am grasping at straws here.

Any ideas what command I need to run in order to update serve?

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For those not using Gatsby, here is how to update serve:

Globally: sudo npm update -g serve

Locally: npm update serve

  • You don't need sudo to install globally. You could very well do npm update -g serve yesterday

Run the following via terminal: sudo npm i serve@latest -g -d


gatsby comes with serve@^6.5.3 installed, so there's not much you can do except wait (or open a PR!) until it's updated in the gatsby package. Fortunately there's not really a need to update it since it still works fine, it's just a notice from serve.

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