I'd like to add a value and a label to every variable in my dataset. It's my understanding that the VALUE LABELS command erases values+labels already in the variables (and not included in the command), so I'd like not to do that.

Any ideas? Thank you!

  • do you have a table of variables with their labels and value labels? if you do, that can be automatically turned into syntax that creates those labels – eli-k Jun 25 at 15:13
  • I have an excel sheet with the variables and their labels--is that what you mean? I appreciate the response. – E. Williamson Jun 25 at 15:28

If you'd like to label your variables (for ex: v1 v2 v3) you can use:

 v1 'label for v1'
 v2 'label for v2'
 v3 'label for v3' .

If you'd like to add labels to the values associated with your variables, but NOT lose any existing value labels you can use:

  1 'label for v1=1'
  2 'label for v1=2' /
 1 'label for v2=1'
 2 'label for v2=2' /
 1 'label for v3=1'
 2 'label for v3=2' .

If there were any previously existing labels, they will still persist (unless explicitly overwritten in your ADD VALUES command).

Once you've prepared a table for variable labels and a table for value labels, you can use them to create a syntax that will put them in the dataset.

read the following text to get an example of how your variable label list should look like:

data list list/vr (a10) lb (a50).
begin data
"myvar1" "this is the label for var1"
"myvar2" "this is the label for var2"
"myvar3" "this is the label for var3"
end data.

Now you can run the following syntax:

string cmd1 (a100).
compute cmd1=concat("variable labels ", rtrim(vr), "  '", rtrim(lb), "'.").
write out = "yourpath\do variable labels.sps" /cmd1.

This will create a new syntax called do variable labels.sps which contains the variable labels commands.
Now for value labels - start with the following example of how your table should look:

data list list/vr (a10) vl (f3) lb (a50).
begin data
"myvar1" 1 "cat"
"myvar1" 2 "dog"
"myvar1" 3 "horse"
"myvar2" 1 "bed"
"myvar2" 2 "table"
"myvar2" 3 "chair"
end data.

Once the table is prepared, use the following syntax:

string cmd2 (a100).
compute cmd2=concat("add value labels  ", rtrim(vr), "  ", string(vl,f3), "  '", rtrim(lb), "'.").
write out = "yourpath\do value labels.sps" /cmd2.

Now you can use the new syntax created called do value labels.sps.

You can also look into insert command to run the two new syntaxes from your main syntax without opening them.

As user @user45392 pointed out you can use the ADD VALUE LABELS command.

In order to add the same value und label to every variable in your data set you can simply write the keyword ALL at the place of your variable list.

   N "new label".
  • N stands for the new added value.
  • Values are added only for numeric variables.

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