I have a game with a lot of levels (Something like 2000). I want to create a funnel to see players' progression through these levels and balance out too-hard ones.

I cannot send an unique event for every level (e.g. "Level 0040 Completed") because Firebase has a limit of 500 unique events. So I need to send an event like "Level Completed" and send the level number as parameter. But I don't know how can I create a funnel with that parameter. Is there any way to create funnel with a parameter of an event?


Do you have to make it a funnel? You could log level_started/completed/failed, check how many attempts the users make before giving up, how much time they spend in the level etc, and figure it out that way.

Realistically you will have to connect your Firebase instance to BigQuery to do this though.

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    So if I add level_started, level_completed, level_failed with level number as a parameter, Is it possible to see how many people started level X, and how many of them failed, and how many of them won? – Md Narimani Jun 29 '18 at 10:28
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    I'd rather not use BigQuery if it's possible. because you need to write code to see data. I want something to be easy-to-use for designers. – Md Narimani Jun 29 '18 at 10:31
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    You will be able to see how many times a level was started/completed/failed and by how many users, but it probably won't be very flexible or easy to work with. Basically you will have to go in each event and scroll through a list with 2000 rows. I still recommend the BigQuery approach since this gives you more insight. It helps if you know some basic SQL but you can also connect Google Datastudio to BigQuery and work with the data visually. – Vesper Jun 29 '18 at 11:00

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