Is the google app engine document not updated?

It works fine (send email with attachment), when I do this:

message = mail.EmailMessage( sender=EMAIL_SENDER, 

But When I use message.attach , it says EmailMessage object has no attribute attach

message.attach("certificate.pdf", new_file, "application/pdf")
message.Attachment("certificate.pdf", new_file, "application/pdf")

both says :EmailMessage object has no attribute attach/attachment

In the documentation there are examples of "Attachment".

Please help!


As far as I can see in the docs, there's class google.appengine.api.mail.Attachment, but class google.appengine.api.mail.EmailMessage does not have any method attach().

Class google.appengine.api.mail.EmailMessage does have an attachment property, and that's why it works when you initialize the email with attachments=[(foo,bar),(foo,bar)]. You're actually creating new instances of google.appengine.api.mail.Attachment (using the tuples as explained in the docs), adding them to an array, and using this array as the attachments property when initializing the email.

Notice that in the docs, when they write attachment = mail.Attachment('foo.jpg', 'data'), that mail is a reference to the imported google.appengine.api.mail, and not an instantiated mail object.

Getting back to your example (please note that I'm not a python dev and I have not tried it, I'm just looking through the docs and making assumptions), instead of

message.attach("certificate.pdf", new_file, "application/pdf")

you should probably go more on the way of

attachment1 = mail.Attachment("certificate.pdf", new_file, "application/pdf")
attachment2 = mail.Attachment("another_certificate.pdf", new_file, "application/pdf")
message.attachments = [attachment1, attachment2]

It's been years since I played with python, but feel free to explore this ideas and edit my answer in case I got anything wrong (or post your own answer).

  • thanks for details , spent a decent amount of time trying to figure this out your answer is actually correct but i still couldn't get it working for some reason. I fixed it using the send_mail function(added below as my answer) – codec Jun 26 '18 at 11:30

The attributes of the EmailMessage class are assigned dynamically, like this*:

class EmailMessage(_EmailMessageBase):

    def __init__(self, **kwargs):
        for name, value in kwargs.items():
            setattr(self, name, value)

Therefore, if attachments isn't passed to the constructor as a keyword argument, the instance has no attachments attribute, and you get an AttributeError if you try to reference it.

As Jofre observes in their answer, you can still assign to attachments directly:

message.attachments = [attachment1]

after the attachments attribute has been created, you can also append to it:


* This is a simplified version; in the real class the assignment is done in a separate method, but in essentially the same way.


I fixed the issue with send_mail function , one of the mistakes was not specifying ".pdf" for the file name instead I was only naming it "certificate"

Also If you have speficied any handlers in app.yaml for direct url access, make sure "application_readable" is set to true so that the file is accessible within the application:

- url: /certificate.((pdf)|(PDF))
  static_files: pages/pdf/certificate.PDF
  upload: pages/pdf/certificate.PDF
  application_readable: true

 additional_pdf = open(os.path.dirname(__file__) + '/../pages/pdf/certificate.pdf').read()

                  attachments=[(attachname, blob.archivoBlob),("certificate.pdf",additional_pdf)])

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