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I am working with a custom dataset, and had to make the dataset myself. The following csv format is the result:

Wall#    Target    Feature1    Feature2    Feature3    Feature4    ...
1         Yes       <float>     <float>     <float>
2         No
3         Maybe

I have tried the following:

df = pd.read_csv("path_to_csv")
df['split'] = np.random.randn(df.shape[0], 1)
msk = np.random.rand(len(df)) <= 0.7
train.to_csv('train_coeffs.csv', index=False)
test.to_csv('test_coeffs.csv', index=False)

But it's giving me messed up results with changed data values. What is the most efficient way to randomly split the dataset into a 70-30 train-test set?

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