I'm having a problem trying to install plotly. I proceeded to upgrade anaconda using the command line on Debian 9 and I received the error message "distributed 1.21.0 requires msgpack, which is not installed".

Then I tried a conda install mspack, then a pip install --upgade plotly, and I get "distributed 1.22.0 requires msgpack, which is not installed". This 1.22.0 error message is what kicked off my whole upgrading process of many packages. Does this break plotly? Don't know, haven't tried but judging from msgpack website https://msgpack.org/, it is probable to cause errors. We'll see, I guess. Not sure what else to do.

pip install msgpack does not fix the problem


I face same issue while installing dask Later I resolved it using either of these two methods.

First Method: Run this command

conda install -c anaconda msgpack-python

Second Method: Run this command

pip install msgpack

For Windows users who have stumbled upon this thread:

Run Anaconda Prompt as Administrator and enter the following:

pip install msgpack

To answer your multiple questions

  1. "distributed 1.21.8 requires msgpack" This error has nothing to do with plotly installation. Its due to the way anaconda is installed

  2. The error will not affect installation/upgrades of any of the packages.

  3. "pip install msgpack does not fix the problem" .It will not fix until you try to install msgpack with user admin(Windows) / root(linux) right. I got this fixed on my Windows 10 & Lubuntu 16 with above mentioned solution


I installed the TextBlob package for text classification. Right after that I tried to open Jupyter Notebook and got this error message : AttributeError: type object 'IOLoop' has no attribute 'initialized'
I was searching for a solution to above problem and stumbled upon a solution regarding uninstalling tornado and downgrading it to tornado 4.5.3 . I did that and it did not solve the problem. Then I realized this warning distributed 1.22.0 requires msgpack, which is not installed. After installing msgpack the problem is solved.

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