I have a Dockerfile with below code

FROM microsoft/mssql-server-windows-express
COPY ./create-db.sql .
ENV sa_password=##$wo0RD!
CMD sqlcmd -i create-db.sql

and I can create image but when I run container with the image I don't see created database on the SQL Server because the script is executed before SQL Server was started.

Can I do that the script will be execute after start the service with SQL Server?

  • You can run the script after starting Docker and connecting to the SQL Server on the Docker container using SSMS from the host - your PC. Or you need to do this dynamically? – Rigerta Demiri Jun 26 '18 at 20:19
  • 1
    I wanted to do it dynamically, because I want to have SQL Server with concrete database immediately after ran container – Art Base Jun 26 '18 at 20:50

RUN gets used to build the layers in an image. CMD is the command that is run when you launch an instance of the image (a "container")

Also, if your script depends on those environment variables, if it's an older version of Docker, it might fail because those variables are not defined the way you want them defined!

In older versions of docker the Dockerfile ENV command uses spaces instead of "="

Your Dockerfile should probably be:

FROM microsoft/mssql-server-windows-express
COPY ./create-db.sql .
ENV sa_password ##$wo0RD!
RUN sqlcmd -i create-db.sql 

This will create images containing the database with your password inside it.

(If the SQL file somehow uses the environment variables, this wouldn't make sense as you might as well update the SQL file before you copy it over.) If you want to be able to override the password between the docker build and docker run steps, by using docker run --env sa_password=##$wo0RD! ..., you will need to change the last line to:

CMD sqlcmd -i create-db.sql && .\start -sa_password $env:sa_password \
-ACCEPT_EULA $env:ACCEPT_EULA -attach_dbs \"$env:attach_dbs\" -Verbose

Which is a modified version of the CMD line that is inherited from the upstream image.

  • Ok I changed it and when I build image and run the image I see container about 1 min and after the next 1 min container is stopped – Art Base Jun 26 '18 at 21:36
  • I've updated the answer for you. – dagelf Jun 26 '18 at 21:49
  • When I changed CMD to RUN it started working correctly and it works for both my version Dockerfile :). In first version I have script with creating db from scratch and in second version I have restore db from bak files. Option with CMD I would not use it because I don't have any option to get files mdf and ldf I can have only scripts or backup files. Thank you very much for your help :) – Art Base Jun 26 '18 at 22:14

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