I'm working on a mobile application for both android and iOS mobile phone.

I'm experiencing something very weird with the Storage. I get data in both IndexedDB and Web SQL (when I'm testing/debugging in Browser).

Here is the declaration of the module :


I have troubble because when I tried to get data from Storage I get data from Web SQL (which contains old values...) and not from IndexedDB where I have the latest values.

I would like so to set a prefered order like this :

    name: '__myprojectdb',
    driverOrder: ['indexeddb']

But, should it work correctly on both iOS and Android? Are there any requirements or prefered DB type depending on devices?

I'm open to ideas ! As I'm new in Ionic and mobile application.

Thanks in advance for your help :-)


The storage that is used depends on which mode you're using the "inspect->preview" of Chrome with Ionic. You can find more info in this answer

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