I have created repository and pushed the code by using aws code commit. Whenever i made changes and push it to repository,it has updated. But when i used to do build by using aws code build, it is failing bec not able to find the buildspec.yml and pom.xml.

Please find the attachment as My yaml file(buildspec.yml) and my pom.xml file in root..

I have tried with 2 scenarios in awscodebuild.

  1. buildspec.yml in my code, but it is failed in downloaded-source and indicating the error below CODEBUILD_SRC_DIR=/codebuild/output/src408069893/src/awsgitrepo CODEBUILD_SRC_DIR=/codebuild/output/src408069893/src/awsgitrepo/buildspec.yml - No such file or directory.

  2. When i tried with insert build commands in awscodebuild, it is failed and stating that

/codebuild/output/src408069893/src/awsgitrepo/ - The goal you specified requires a project, but there is no pom in this directory.

Both error indicating the samepath and missing files.

So could you please let me know how to avoid this failure. Is there a way to set the path for code build to pick up the source files.Want to know about the CODEBUILD_SRC_DIR which one how to set it and the need of CODEBUILD_SRC_DIR. enter image description here


From the error log, it seems the pom.xml and the buildspec.yml are not in the root folder. Try inserting this command find . -name pom.xml in scenario 2 to locate the pom.xml.

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  • Hi Yong, Thank you for the input. I have tried in scenarion 2 by inserting build comments but it has failed. please have a look on this and help me on this issue.. – Sanveen Jun 28 '18 at 4:28
  • version: 0.2 phases: install: commands: - echo nothing to do in the install phase pre_build: commands: - echo nothing to do in the pre_build phase build: commands: - echo Build started on date - find . -name pom.xml - mvn clean - mvn test post_build: commands: - mvn install - echo Build completed on date artifacts: files: - target/Struts2Hibernate3Spring3Tile2Integration.war. But same error occured – Sanveen Jun 28 '18 at 4:32
  • I ran the command and gives the below response. So where do i need to have the pom.xml [Container] 2018/06/28 04:51:23 Running command find / -iname 'pom.xml' /codebuild/output/src389124914/src/git-codecommit.us-east-1.amazonaws.com/v1/repos/Code-commit/Struts2Hibernate3Spring3Tile2Integration/pom.xml /codebuild/readonly/src/Struts2Hibernate3Spring3Tile2Integration/pom.xml and getting the same error – Sanveen Jun 28 '18 at 4:53
  • Could you please guide me on this – Sanveen Jun 28 '18 at 9:28
  • I guess you need to run you build commands inside that folder. You can cd /codebuild/readonly/src/Struts2Hibernate3Spring3Tile2Integration first; before running other commands – Yong Tao Jun 28 '18 at 22:08

I had exactly the same problem with aws pipeline test project and it turned out that the structure of my repository on github was bad.

    You need to have (root directory name)
      -- my-web-app
           |-- src    
           |     `-- main
           |           |-- resources
           |           `-- webapp
           |                 |-- WEB-INF
           |                 |     `-- web.xml
           |                 `-- index.jsp
           |-- buildspec.yml
           `-- pom.xml

as it say here:

Create a file named buildspec.yml with the following contents. Store the file in the (root directory name)/my-web-app directory

To sum up, in order to aws code build find your pom and buildspec you need to have correct git repo structure as: repository_name > [src, pom.xml, buildspec.yml...] and NOT: repository name > root_repo_dir > [src, pom.xml, buildspec.yml...]

Hope it helped!

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