I have set up a remote MYSQL database on aws, amazon aurora. I am trying to access it from my terminal and I am getting the following error message back on the terminal:

 "-bash: mysql: command not found"

 TOKEN="$(aws rds generate-db-auth-token --hostname $RDSHOST --port 3306 --region us-west-2 --username jane_doe )"

 mysql --host=$RDSHOST --port=3306 --ssl-ca=/sample_dir/rds-combined-ca-bundle.pem --enable-cleartext-plugin --user=jane_doe --password=$TOKEN

What MySQL package do I need to download to have access to the mysql command. I do not need a MySQL database on my computer as I am trying to access a remote one.


If you don't have the MySQL software installed locally you can't use the mysql client. Some Linux distributions split server/client, others lump them all together. Windows and macOS tend to come with the complete kit.

Just because you've downloaded the server software as well doesn't mean you need to run it.

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