I get these TypeScript errors VS Code while I'm working in JS files. Is there anything I can do to disable this? I have put this in my settings and did not solve the issue:

"typescript.validate.enable": false

The error can been seen here

enter image description here

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    create a jsconfig.json and put your settings in there. Jun 27 '18 at 18:15
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    Please include error text as text, not as an image. Jun 27 '18 at 18:27

There's a GitHub issue that discusses the [ts] token from the errors in a bit more detail. The most relevant comment to this discussion is:

Yes. The TypeScript extension powers our javascript intellisense which is why you see [TS] in your js file. That only indicates what extension is providing that error.

You can disable this validation itself by adding the following to an appropriate settings.json file:

"javascript.validate.enable": false

The docs discusses this option a little bit further:

With javascript.validate.enable: false, you disable all built-in syntax checking. If you do this, we recommend that you use a linter like ESLint to validate your source code.

As noted above, this disables all built-in syntax checking. Although the suggestion is to use something like ESLint instead, there might be another option if you're specifically concerned about the import/export errors. You can add a jsconfig.json file to your project with the following content:

    "compilerOptions": {
        "module": "es2015"

This instructs VS Code to use the es2015 module syntax (import/export), which appears to make it happier.

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    Setting module to es2015 doesn't seem to work in the current version of VS Code.
    – knite
    Aug 10 '19 at 2:15
  • Change the language mode Sep 21 '19 at 18:48

On Windows- File > Preferences > Settings Go to Extensions->TypeScript-> Javascript>Validate make sure Enable/disable JavaScript validation. is not checked

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This works for me

On Windows- File > Preferences > Settings

enter image description here

make sure validate is not enable


Make sure javascript.implicitProjectConfig.checkJs is false VSCode settings.


I don't have enough information about project setup and code, but it looks like you are trying to load .js files as typescript.

To use JavaScript files in Typescript projects you must enable allowJs flag, either in command line --allowJs or in the tsconfig.json as "allowJs": true.

But, if the .js files should not be part of the TS project but just are in the same directory tree, you need to review your exclude and include properties of tsconfig.json


On visual studio code File > Preferences > Settings Go to Extensions->TypeScript-> Javascript>Validate make sure Enable/disable JavaScript validatio


This worked for me too: File > Preferences > Settings > Extensions->TypeScript-> Javascript>Validate make sure Enable/disable JavaScript validation. is not checked

https://stackoverflow.com/a/53745887/14728249 Thank you @BenE :)


Open settings in your VSC.
To open your user and workspace settings, use the following VS Code menu command:

  • On Windows/Linux - File > Preferences > Settings
  • On macOS - Code > Preferences > Settings
    Check if tslint.jsEnable is set to false

    // Control whether tslint is enabled for JavaScript files or not.
    "tslint.jsEnable": false,

Set it to false in workspace settings section

From the documentation:
tslint.enable - enable/disable tslint.
tslint.jsEnable - enable/disable tslint for .js files, default is false.

enter image description here

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    I have looked for tslint.jsEnable and could not find it in my settings. Jun 29 '18 at 0:32
  • then try adding it and make it false. You will have default workspace settings, user settings, workspace settings - which one did you check?
    – Avinash
    Jun 30 '18 at 7:51
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    I'm using User Settings. When I add it I get "Unknown configuration setting". Is there a certain extension for this? Jul 3 '18 at 14:57
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    note that his error has [ts] prefix not [tslint] so the error comes from typescript compiler not from tslint.
    – Jaan Oras
    Sep 29 '18 at 8:07

On the settings.json file add a line

"js/ts.implicitProjectConfig.checkJs": true,
"javascript.validate.enable": false, // => required

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