Angular CLI 6 introduced a new concept of builders (aka Architect Targets).
There are a couple of prebuilt builders that come with @angular-devkit/build_angular, but unfortunately there is no documentation that explains how to create your own builder.

How do I create my own builder (for example to modify the underlying webpack configuration)?

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For Angular 8+ read this AngularInDepth article.

For Angular 6 and 7:

The full article can be found here.

For the sake of simplicity I assume that the new builder is implemented in Typescript, but it can be implemented in pure JavaScript as well.


  1. Create a directory for your custom builders (for example custom-builders) in the root of your project (or alternatively install it as a local npm module)
  2. Inside the directory create a file called builders.json, index.ts and package.json that contains builders entry pointing to builders.json
  3. Inside custom-builders create a directory for the builder you want to implement (say, custom-builders/my-cool-builder
  4. Add index.ts, schema.json and schema.d.ts to my-cool-builder directory
  5. Populate schema.json with the schema of your builder options. See an example here.
  6. Define your schema.d.ts according to the schema.json you defined. See an example here.
  7. Implement your builder in my-cool-builder/index.ts. The builder has to implement the following interface:

    export interface Builder<OptionsT> {
      run(builderConfig: BuilderConfiguration<Partial<OptionsT>>):  Observable<BuildEvent>;

    While BuildEvent is this:

    export interface BuildEvent {
      success: boolean;

    BuilderConfiguration is this:

    export interface BuilderConfiguration<OptionsT = {}> {
      root: Path;
      sourceRoot?: Path;
      projectType: string;
      builder: string;
      options: OptionsT;

    And OptionsT is the interface you defined for your builder options in schema.d.ts

    You can use browser architect target as a reference.

  8. Once implemented, add your builder to builders.json:

      "$schema": "@angular-devkit/architect/src/builders-schema.json",
      "builders": {
        "cool-builder": {
          "class": "./my-cool-builder",
          "schema": "./my-cool-builder/schema.json",
          "description": "My cool builder that builds things up"


In your angular.json:

    "architect": {
        "build": {
                  "builder": "./custom-builders:cool-builder"
                  "options": {
                         your options here


For the full example check out this library: https://github.com/meltedspark/angular-builders

  • I struggled to get this working with a locally defined builder so I created a repo demonstrating it here: github.com/Roaders/angular-electron-chrome/tree/…. unfortunately I can't get it to work with a typescript builder (without an extra compile step)
    – Roaders
    Jan 5, 2019 at 14:17
  • What is your struggle exactly?
    – JeB
    Jan 7, 2019 at 10:35
  • @Roaders yeah I suppose the CLI is tooling is not set up to auto compile if the class builder is a typescript file?
    – Mike Haas
    Mar 26, 2019 at 17:03

For those who use Angular 8 and higher, builders API is now officially supported and documented: https://angular.io/guide/cli-builder

It has a lot of changes compared to the previous version, so migration from Angular 7 to 8 might become complicated if you are using undocumented Architect API.

Here's a nice article to get started: https://blog.angular.io/introducing-cli-builders-d012d4489f1b


I didn't test it and I'm not quite sure, but this concept might be solution.

architect.build.builder uses some Angular schematics in order to perform build process. You can create your own schematics which uses/inherits regular build schematics with additional logic that you want to implement.

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