I am creating a report (in Kentico 10) which has 'cascading' parameters. In order to describe my problem, it is sufficient to mention the following report parameters:

  1. Region (North America, Asia Pacific, etc.) - a dropdown driven by a SQL query
  2. Country (US, CA, MX, DE, FR, etc.) - a dropdown driven by a SQL query, limited by the value of the Region field

When viewing the report, I would like for the value chosen in the Region field to affect the contents of the Country field. The SQL code is not a problem, but actually getting the value of the Country field is.

I have configured the Region field with 'Has depending fields' checked. I have configured the Country field with 'Depends on another field' checked. In the WHERE clause of its SQL query, I reference '{%Region.Value%}'. (per this article) This does not work. Upon further investigation, I found that the result of {%Region.Value%} is "RegionName", which is the field name specified in the Region field's 'Value column' setting.

How do I access the selected value in the Region dropdown, rather than the name of the field whose value is displayed in that dropdown?

A subsequent question would be: After choosing a Region, the page posts back and my Region choice is lost. How do I make it stick?

(Also, it is not acceptable to replace the SQL-driven dropdown with a static list of regions. This needs to be SQL driven, as there are other dependent fields whose possible values are not static.)


Only the value part is passed to your depending field, so if your region SQL query looks like this:

SELECT RegionID, RegionName from Custom_Region

The RegionID is the value of the {%Region.Value%} macro. If you need to pass the region Name the query would look like this:

SELECT RegionName, RegionName from Custom_Region
  • I may not have been clear enough but my point was that {%Region.Value%} is returning the field name and not the value that the user has selected.
    – Rob M
    Jun 28 '18 at 16:18
  • That doesn't make sense :-/ What version and hotfix do you have? I have tested it and I am getting correct value.
    – JanH
    Jun 29 '18 at 19:19
  • OK, my mistake was simple. In the first (region) parameter, I'd specified the value column to be 'Name'. I should have set it to '{%Name%}'.
    – Rob M
    May 1 '19 at 20:13

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