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I have a BQ query that results in a lot of data that I typically save as a new table. Is it possible to schedule this process to happen daily? If it is possible what's the recommended way of doing it?

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Bigquery does not come with it's own job scheduler. You will not be able to do this from the bigquery web view.

You can absolutely do this with a little code. You will have to pick a scheduler to run your bigquery query job at the time you wish. Many just start with a very simple bash script that runs the job via cron.

Another way would be to use apache-airflow as the scheduler and deploy your job as a airflow DAG that would get executed when you want to. Airflow even has a BigqueryOperator that may make this even easier for you.

Basically you will need a little bit of code and the google cloud sdk to do this.

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