I am new to openstack and trying to deploy a 2 nodes openstack queens architecture. The document I'm following is: https://docs.openstack.org/install-guide/environment-networking.html.

My current setup consists of 2 VMs running Ubuntu 16.04 each with 3 NICS ens160, ens192 and ens224.

I configured static IP addresses for ens160 NICs on both VM and this is the management interface

  ** Controller: ens160 - CIDR: and gateway:
  ** Compute:  ens160 -  CIDR: and gateway:

The default gateway provide internet access for the VMs to install packages.

Now, I am trying to setup a "provider network" for Openstack so that VM instances within the Openstack cloud can have internet access. I am using the ens192 NIC to achieve this.

My understanding is that, the provider network should be mapped to a different subnet to the management network. Hence, I intend to configure the provider network as followed:

              ** Provider network: CIDR:, 
                                   Pool: ->
                                   Default Gateway:

Now if I want openstack instances to have internet access I need to configure the default gateway for this provider network which is But the problem is I can only have 1 default gateway configure across all network cards (at least this is what I read).


  1. Does this mean I need to remove the default gateway from the first NIC ens160?

  2. If so will the openstack nodes still have internet access from the "provider network"?


So I ended up creating the flat provider network through the dashboard.

Name    provider
ID          bb73e844-e6b3-41d5-a00d-442269362500
Network Name  provider
Network ID       05ae4d05-9ae1-42e3-8435-118b24391a35
Subnet Pool      None
IP Version          IPv4
IP Allocation Pools   Start - End
Gateway IP
DHCP Enabled  Yes
Additional Routes  None
DNS Name Servers

AND then create a Virtual Router connecting 2 openstack private_networks to the provider network. "neutron router-port-list Router" gave output:

network topology from openstack dashboard

From the cirros instance in openstack, I can ping the external IP address attached to the to router, but can not ping the default gateway And the openstack doesn't have internet access.

Not sure where the issue may lies, any help would be much appreciated.


  • You can have all of the interfaces whether management/provider networks interfaces for both of the VMs to be on the same subnet :) – Asif Mehmood Dec 16 '18 at 7:51

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