Interesting question for me. can I set a counter on each page and then on the Blog page to see how many times I've looked through the pages?

  • Google Analytics or some other analytics tracker could show you how many page views you have. Displaying it on your website would take some Javascript acrobatics though.
    – DC.Azndj
    Jun 29 '18 at 13:27

No, Jekyll typically does not allow you to do such a thing. Jekyll has no database in which it can keep score of the amount of hits, and the Ruby code is only executed during build. You need to load a third party application (micro service) through javascript to do this.


you can use this tool delevpoled by busuanzi, just include two lines in html:

<script async src="//busuanzi.ibruce.info/busuanzi/2.3/busuanzi.pure.mini.js"></script>
<span id="busuanzi_container_site_pv">Total visits to this site: <span id="busuanzi_value_site_pv"></span></span>

author's website: 不蒜子 - 极简网页计数器

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