Comment         weekid  acc1    acc2    acc3    acc4       value

Current data        1   a      b       c       d             2
Current data        1   a      b       c       e             3
Line to be added    1   a      b       c       Fixed New    value of d/value of e 

Hi guys new to SQL , need some help in turns of how to achieve above

any help will be greatly appreciated

  • What's your dbms and your expect result, sample data?that really help – D-Shih Jun 28 at 7:41
  • we are using vertica expected result is i need to add that last line where its says line to be added in comment field – kkoc3 Jun 28 at 7:42
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I suspect you just want union all:

select weekid, acc1, acc2, acc3, acc4, value
from t
union all
select weekid, acc1, acc2, acc3, 'Fixed new' as acc4,
       ( max(case when acc4 = 'd' then value end) /
         max(case when acc4 = 'e' then value end)
       ) as value
from t
group by weekid, acc1, acc2, acc3;
  • Hi thanks for response however this will always result value column being Null – kkoc3 Jun 29 at 3:17
  • @KaranKochhar . . . I don't see how that would be the case. – Gordon Linoff Jun 29 at 3:25

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