Given a defined Convolutional Neural Network, is there a function or method on how to compute the number of Multiply-Adds operations?

The term was introduced MobileNetV2 paper : https://arxiv.org/pdf/1801.04381.pdf.

We evaluate the trade-offs between accuracy, and number of operations measured by multiply-adds (MAdd), as well as actual latency, and the number of parameters.


Counting the Multiply-Add operations is equivalent to calculating the FLOPs of a model. This can be achieved using the profiler from tensorflow.

flops = tf.profiler.profile(graph,\
print('FLOP = ', flops.total_float_ops)

Be sure to look at the caveats explained in this answer. Basically:

  • The number of FLOPs calculated might include initialisation operations like Multiply-Add from initialising your weights with a Gaussian distribution for instance, you need to freeze the graph to rule those possibly irrelevant Multiply-Add operations,
  • The Multiply-Add calculations from TensorFlow are approximate. An issue has been opened on this matter here.

Im not sure about a function, but this website should help you keep track of MulAdd operations, The only caveat is you might need the prototxt file, but for popular architectures MulAdd operations are already listed


Hope it helps.

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