I want to perform manipulations in a polynomial ring where the terms can have fractional exponents. However just trying to use the fractions returns a value error. Obviously I could just set the indeterminate to be some power of itself to eliminate the fractional exponents, but this would involve altering all the formulas, is there a better way?

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Puiseux series and Puiseux polynomials in SageMath

There are two Sage tickets on the topic, one about Puiseux series and a later one about Puiseux polynomials.

There have also been numerous discussions on sage-devel and sage-support.

There is a package where this functionality is implemented.

Puiseux series and Puiseux polynomials in Oscar

If using Sage is not a strong requirement, you could have a look at the implementation in Oscar. See the recent post on the Oscar blog:

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