How can I evaluate if DOMTXpath->query actually returns data. Right now I am doing ($xml is a DOMXpath object):

foreach($xml->query($xpath) as $node)
  echo $node->textContent;

But if I my $xpath doesn't result in a node it just doesn't output any data. I tried something like:

if ($xml->query($xpath))
echo "found";
echo "not found";

but that doesn't seem to work. How can I test if my query is actually returning a matching node (actually an attribute in this case)?

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Check the length parameter on the return of the query() function. xpath->query() returns a DOMNodeList.

$nodeList = $xpath->query();
if ($nodeList->length > 0) {
    echo 'Yay!';
} else {
    echo 'No!';

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