We use Java Datanucleus 5.0.2 with JDO.

We get occasional exception while several threads are retrieving the same information and NO thread is changing this particular "linkedObject" reference.

NOTE: The object is retrieved using the fetch plan and logs show that.

It is hard to write a test case for this to fail as it is a race condition. But nevertheless I want to ask if someone has experienced it?

Caused by: javax.jdo.JDODetachedFieldAccessException: You have just attempted to access field "linkedObject" yet this field was not detached when you detached the object. Either dont access this field, or detach it when detaching the object. at com.company.BaseClass.dnGetlinkedObject(BaseClass.java) at com.company.BaseClass.getLinkedObject(BaseClass.java:71) ...

I can see three threads calling this method

private static <T> T getUniqueQueryJDO(final PersistenceManager pm, final JDOQLQuery query) throws PersistenceException {
    try {
        final javax.jdo.Query jdoQuery = setUpJDOQuery(pm, query);
        T result = null;
        final T queryResult = (T) jdoQuery.executeWithMap(query.getMapValues());
        if (queryResult != null) {
            result = pm.detachCopy(queryResult);
        return result;

and one of them fails randomly


@PersistenceCapable(table = "BaseClass", detachable = TRUE)
@Inheritance(strategy = InheritanceStrategy.SUPERCLASS_TABLE)
@FetchGroup(name = FETCH_LINKED_OBJECT, members = {@Persistent(name = "linkedObject")})})
public class BaseClass {
public static final String FETCH_LINKED_CLASS = "FETCH_NAME";
    @Persistent(defaultFetchGroup = FALSE, columns = {@Column(name = "linkedObjectId", allowsNull = FALSE)}, nullValue = NullValue.EXCEPTION)
    private LinkedClass linkedObject;
    public LinkedClass getLinkedObject() {
        return linkedObject;
  • An object is detached and you tried to access that field, but that field did not have its value set at detach, hence is unknown, hence the exception. Totally predictable. Detach that field by setting the FetchPlan for detach
    – user3973283
    Jun 29, 2018 at 17:04
  • Hi Billy, Thank you for the answer. The object is retrieved with the fetch plan, this is code is not shown on the snippets, because it will take to much space. I will update the wording. Jun 30, 2018 at 20:38
  • If the field is retrieved then you will not get that exception. That's all there is to say
    – user3973283
    Jul 1, 2018 at 11:00
  • Thank you for your reply Billy. As stated this error is occasional and we have verified that fetchPlan is set correctly. I just can't provide the proof of it here as it would be to much. Jul 9, 2018 at 9:36
  • 1
    and then answer WHY you are using a FetchPlan CONCURRENTLY? It is related to a PM, and so is not thread safe nor intended to be
    – user3973283
    Aug 31, 2018 at 10:22


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