Yesterday, I built a full-featured example which uses Terraform to create a network and a GKE cluster in Google Cloud Platform. The whole thing runs in Vagrant on a CentOS 7 VM and installs both gcloud, kubectl, and helm. I also extended the example to use Helm to install Spinnaker.

The GKE cluster is called gke-test-1. In my documentation I documented getting kubectl setup:

gcloud container clusters get-credentials --region=us-west1 gke-test-1

After this, I was able to use various kubectl commands to get nodes, get pods, get services, and get deployments, as well as all other cluster management commands. I was able to also use Helm to install Tiller and ultimately deploy Spinnaker.

However, today, the same process doesn't work for me. I spun up the network, subnet, GKE cluster, and the node pool, and whenever I try to use commands to get various resoures, I get this response:

[vagrant@katyperry vagrant]$ kubectl get nodes
No resources found.
Error from server (NotAcceptable): unknown (get nodes)
[vagrant@katyperry vagrant]$ kubectl get pods
No resources found.
Error from server (NotAcceptable): unknown (get pods)
[vagrant@katyperry vagrant]$ kubectl get services
No resources found.
Error from server (NotAcceptable): unknown (get services)
[vagrant@katyperry vagrant]$ kubectl get deployments
No resources found.
Error from server (NotAcceptable): unknown (get deployments.extensions)

Interestingly enough, it seems that some command do work:

[vagrant@katyperry vagrant]$ kubectl describe nodes | head
Name:               gke-gke-test-1-default-253fb645-scq8
Roles:              <none>
Labels:             beta.kubernetes.io/arch=amd64

When I open a shell in Google Cloud console, after running the same login command, I'm able to use kubectl to do all of the above:

naftuli_kay@naftuli-test:~$ gcloud beta container clusters get-credentials gke-test-1 --region us-west1 --project naftuli-test
Fetching cluster endpoint and auth data.
kubeconfig entry generated for gke-test-1.
naftuli_kay@naftuli-test:~$ kubectl get pods
No resources found.
naftuli_kay@naftuli-test:~$ kubectl get nodes
NAME                                   STATUS    ROLES     AGE       VERSION
gke-gke-test-1-default-253fb645-scq8   Ready     <none>    40m       v1.8.10-gke.0
gke-gke-test-1-default-253fb645-tfns   Ready     <none>    40m       v1.8.10-gke.0
gke-gke-test-1-default-8bf306fc-n8jz   Ready     <none>    40m       v1.8.10-gke.0
gke-gke-test-1-default-8bf306fc-r0sq   Ready     <none>    40m       v1.8.10-gke.0
gke-gke-test-1-default-aecb57ba-85p4   Ready     <none>    40m       v1.8.10-gke.0
gke-gke-test-1-default-aecb57ba-n7n3   Ready     <none>    40m       v1.8.10-gke.0
naftuli_kay@naftuli-test:~$ kubectl get services
kubernetes   ClusterIP    <none>        443/TCP   43m
naftuli_kay@naftuli-test:~$ kubectl get deployments
No resources found.

The only difference I can see is the difference between the kubectl version; Vagrant has the latest version, 1.11.0, and the Google Cloud console has 1.9.7.

I will attempt to downgrade.

Is this a known issue and what, if anything, can I do to work around it?

EDIT: This is reproducible and I can't find a way to prevent it from recurring. I tore down all of my infrastructure and then stood it up again. The Terraform is available here.

After provisioning the resources, I waited until the cluster reported being healthy:

[vagrant@katyperry vagrant]$ gcloud container clusters describe \
    --region=us-west1 gke-test-1 | grep -oP '(?<=^status:\s).*'

I then setup my login credentials:

[vagrant@katyperry vagrant]$ gcloud container clusters get-credentials \
    --region=us-west1 gke-test-1

I again attempted to get nodes:

[vagrant@katyperry vagrant]$ kubectl get nodes
No resources found.
Error from server (NotAcceptable): unknown (get nodes)

The cluster appears green in the Google Cloud dashboard:

enter image description here

Apparently, this is a reproducible problem, as I'm able to recreate it using the same Terraform and commands.

  • I found some arcane post on GitLab that seems to indicate kubectl version compatibility only being within one minor version of the master version. This makes sense to me, as the cluster version is 1.8 and the client version is 1.11, and some calls work, not all of them. The issue did not resolve itself after leaving the infrastructure for some time, so I am attempting to upgrade to prove my theory. – Naftuli Kay Jun 29 '18 at 1:52

After successfully reproducing the issue multiple times by destroying and recreating all the infrastructure, I found some arcane post on GitLab that mentions a Kubernetes GitHub issue that seems to indicate:

...in order to maintain compatibility with 1.8.x servers (which are within the supported version skew of +/- one version)

Emphasis on the "+/- one version."

Upgrading the masters and the workers to Kubernetes 1.10 seems to entirely have addressed the issue, as I can now list nodes and pods with impunity:

[vagrant@katyperry vagrant]$ kubectl version
Client Version: version.Info{Major:"1", Minor:"11", GitVersion:"v1.11.0", GitCommit:"91e7b4fd31fcd3d5f436da26c980becec37ceefe", GitTreeState:"clean", BuildDate:"2018-06-27T20:17:28Z", GoVersion:"go1.10.2", Compiler:"gc", Platform:"linux/amd64"}
Server Version: version.Info{Major:"1", Minor:"10+", GitVersion:"v1.10.4-gke.2", GitCommit:"eb2e43842aaa21d6f0bb65d6adf5a84bbdc62eaf", GitTreeState:"clean", BuildDate:"2018-06-15T21:48:39Z", GoVersion:"go1.9.3b4", Compiler:"gc", Platform:"linux/amd64"}
[vagrant@katyperry vagrant]$ kubectl get nodes
NAME                                   STATUS    ROLES     AGE       VERSION
gke-gke-test-1-default-5989a78d-dpk9   Ready     <none>    42s       v1.10.4-gke.2
gke-gke-test-1-default-5989a78d-kh9b   Ready     <none>    58s       v1.10.4-gke.2
gke-gke-test-1-default-653ba633-091s   Ready     <none>    46s       v1.10.4-gke.2
gke-gke-test-1-default-653ba633-4zqq   Ready     <none>    46s       v1.10.4-gke.2
gke-gke-test-1-default-848661e8-cv53   Ready     <none>    53s       v1.10.4-gke.2
gke-gke-test-1-default-848661e8-vfr6   Ready     <none>    52s       v1.10.4-gke.2

It appears that Google Cloud Platform's cloud shell pins to kubectl 1.9, which is within the version gap supported by the ideas expressed above.

Thankfully, the Kubernetes RHEL repository has a bunch of versions to choose from so it's possible to pin:

[vagrant@katyperry gke]$ yum --showduplicates list kubectl
Loaded plugins: fastestmirror
Loading mirror speeds from cached hostfile
 * base: mirrors.usc.edu
 * epel: sjc.edge.kernel.org
 * extras: mirror.sjc02.svwh.net
 * updates: mirror.linuxfix.com
Installed Packages
kubectl.x86_64                                          1.11.0-0                                          @kubernetes
Available Packages
kubectl.x86_64                                          1.5.4-0                                           kubernetes
kubectl.x86_64                                          1.6.0-0                                           kubernetes
kubectl.x86_64                                          1.6.1-0                                           kubernetes
kubectl.x86_64                                          1.6.2-0                                           kubernetes
kubectl.x86_64                                          1.6.3-0                                           kubernetes
kubectl.x86_64                                          1.6.4-0                                           kubernetes
kubectl.x86_64                                          1.6.5-0                                           kubernetes
kubectl.x86_64                                          1.6.6-0                                           kubernetes
kubectl.x86_64                                          1.6.7-0                                           kubernetes
kubectl.x86_64                                          1.6.8-0                                           kubernetes
kubectl.x86_64                                          1.6.9-0                                           kubernetes
kubectl.x86_64                                          1.6.10-0                                          kubernetes
kubectl.x86_64                                          1.6.11-0                                          kubernetes
kubectl.x86_64                                          1.6.12-0                                          kubernetes
kubectl.x86_64                                          1.6.13-0                                          kubernetes
kubectl.x86_64                                          1.7.0-0                                           kubernetes
kubectl.x86_64                                          1.7.1-0                                           kubernetes
kubectl.x86_64                                          1.7.2-0                                           kubernetes
kubectl.x86_64                                          1.7.3-1                                           kubernetes
kubectl.x86_64                                          1.7.4-0                                           kubernetes
kubectl.x86_64                                          1.7.5-0                                           kubernetes
kubectl.x86_64                                          1.7.6-1                                           kubernetes
kubectl.x86_64                                          1.7.7-1                                           kubernetes
kubectl.x86_64                                          1.7.8-1                                           kubernetes
kubectl.x86_64                                          1.7.9-0                                           kubernetes
kubectl.x86_64                                          1.7.10-0                                          kubernetes
kubectl.x86_64                                          1.7.11-0                                          kubernetes
kubectl.x86_64                                          1.7.14-0                                          kubernetes
kubectl.x86_64                                          1.7.15-0                                          kubernetes
kubectl.x86_64                                          1.7.16-0                                          kubernetes
kubectl.x86_64                                          1.8.0-0                                           kubernetes
kubectl.x86_64                                          1.8.1-0                                           kubernetes
kubectl.x86_64                                          1.8.2-0                                           kubernetes
kubectl.x86_64                                          1.8.3-0                                           kubernetes
kubectl.x86_64                                          1.8.4-0                                           kubernetes
kubectl.x86_64                                          1.8.5-0                                           kubernetes
kubectl.x86_64                                          1.8.6-0                                           kubernetes
kubectl.x86_64                                          1.8.7-0                                           kubernetes
kubectl.x86_64                                          1.8.8-0                                           kubernetes
kubectl.x86_64                                          1.8.9-0                                           kubernetes
kubectl.x86_64                                          1.8.10-0                                          kubernetes
kubectl.x86_64                                          1.8.11-0                                          kubernetes
kubectl.x86_64                                          1.8.12-0                                          kubernetes
kubectl.x86_64                                          1.8.13-0                                          kubernetes
kubectl.x86_64                                          1.8.14-0                                          kubernetes
kubectl.x86_64                                          1.9.0-0                                           kubernetes
kubectl.x86_64                                          1.9.1-0                                           kubernetes
kubectl.x86_64                                          1.9.2-0                                           kubernetes
kubectl.x86_64                                          1.9.3-0                                           kubernetes
kubectl.x86_64                                          1.9.4-0                                           kubernetes
kubectl.x86_64                                          1.9.5-0                                           kubernetes
kubectl.x86_64                                          1.9.6-0                                           kubernetes
kubectl.x86_64                                          1.9.7-0                                           kubernetes
kubectl.x86_64                                          1.9.8-0                                           kubernetes
kubectl.x86_64                                          1.10.0-0                                          kubernetes
kubectl.x86_64                                          1.10.1-0                                          kubernetes
kubectl.x86_64                                          1.10.2-0                                          kubernetes
kubectl.x86_64                                          1.10.3-0                                          kubernetes
kubectl.x86_64                                          1.10.4-0                                          kubernetes
kubectl.x86_64                                          1.10.5-0                                          google-cloud-sdk
kubectl.x86_64                                          1.10.5-0                                          kubernetes
kubectl.x86_64                                          1.11.0-0                                          kubernetes

EDIT: I have found the actual pull request that mentions this incompatibility. I have also found buried in the release notes the following information:

kubectl: This client version requires the apps/v1 API, so it will not work against a cluster version older than v1.9.0. Note that kubectl only guarantees compatibility with clusters that are +/- [one] minor version away.


This entire problem was an incompatibility between kubectl 1.11 and Kubernetes 1.8.


For the issue of getting Error from server (NotAcceptable): unknown with kubectl get operations say,

$ kubectl get pods

Error from server (NotAcceptable): unknown (get pods)

I could fix it with downgrading my local kubectl following this stackoverflow link Downgrade kubectl version to match minikube k8s version where commands to be followed is given for Linux, MacOS and Windows machines very clearly

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    Please add some information and context about the linked resource. What site is it, a brief description would be nice – SanSolo Dec 21 '18 at 5:28

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