I am using recent versions of Celery and Flower and Redis, but I cannot understand what is happening. I get all the results to work and the data is coming back correctly, but when I view the Celery Tasks with Flower, I see all the tasks and the results.

My task has the following decorator:

@celery.task(ignore_result=True, bind=True)
def perform_long_task(self, urls):

I've tried calling get(), forget(), etc but when I look at Flower the results are always there.

I've also tried:


I launch the task with:

celery worker -l info -B -A test.api.tasks

I've tried:

class CeleryConfig:
        'check-every-minute': {
                    'task': 'celery.backend_cleanup',
                    'schedule': crontab(hour="*/1"),

I cannot get the taks to not show in Flower, so I am thinking that the tasks must still be there (taking up memory).

Is this true? Any thought to get them to disappear?


  • Recently I faced a similar problem with the task_results in celery. In my case the GC never cleaned up the memory when a GroupResult and AsyncResult was returned. Calling .forget() on them worked (meta data got deleted from my Redis), but the GroupResult was still persistent in memory. The only solution I have found, was to not use a results_backend and built my own implementation of the task_result. I'm not sure if you need the task_results. If you do you can store the goal of your task instead of the task_result stackoverflow.com/a/38267978/2525104 – Kenjin Jul 9 '18 at 10:37

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