I am new to UI5, JS and web developing in general. Following courses on openSAP about SAPUI5, I got this page:

app screenshot

The city names are displayed in the tags list/secondStatues/ObjectStatues. I would like to turn city's name color into red if it is "Berlin".

Find here the concerned XML View and the controller.js I'm getting an issue from:

XML view sample:

  <!-- ... -->
        parts: [
            path: 'ToSupplier/Address/City'
        formatter2: '.formatter.cityColor'

NB: I put formatter2 because there is another formatter

controller.js sample:

cityColor : function(vText){
  if (vText === "Berlin") {
    return "#FF0000";

I would like to turn city's name color into red if it's "Berlin".

<ObjectStatus xmlns="sap.m"
   state="{= ${ToSupplier/Address/City} === 'Berlin' ? 'Error' : undefined}"

The control sap.m.ObjectStatus supports various colors via the property state which awaits:

Semantic Value State Colors

  • "Error" (reddish)
  • "Warning" (orangish)
  • "Success" (greenish)
  • "Information" (blueish / highlighting, since v1.60.1)

Indication Colors

  • "Indication01""Indication05" (Since v1.62)

  • "Indication06""Indication08" (Since v1.75)

    Here, the colors are still pre-defined by the theme but their semantic meanings depend on the application.

➡️ Samples

In case other colors are required, take a look at this answer. However, I'd strongly encourage to avoid custom CSS if the app is going to be used within an application container such as FLP.


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