Hey Im a very beginner in reverse engineering and i was watching some tutorials on Youtube. I've downloaded ida and noticed that i dont have the same view as the guys on youtube. With the view they have they have a good overview how the functions are linked. So i would be glad if somebody could help me to change it to the graph view.

This is how it does look like in my ide view enter image description here

And this is how i want it to look like enter image description here

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    Just press "Space" – Robert Jun 29 '18 at 17:56

First, you should locate yourself inside a function. Graph View would only be shown by IDA if you are inside functions.

As can be seen from your first screenshot, you are not inside a function. Simply, go to your entry point (start) a couple of rows below. You can also press Ctrl+E and Enter. Alternatively, choose any of the sub_**** from the Functions menu to the left.

Then, after you are inside a function, just press Space and you'll see the the Graph View.

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