I have installed rtweet and when I want to collect tweets from a specific country other than USA, the package doesn´t collect any data. I have already installed the Geocoding API, Maps JavaScript API and the Geolocation API with the same API key from Google as an environment variable in R. Here are the steps I followed:

generate a google maps_token

google_maps_token<-"my key XXXXXXXXXX"

path of home directory

home_directory <- path.expand("~/")

combine with name for token

file_name <- file.path(home_directory, "google_maps_token.rds")

save token to home directory

saveRDS(google_maps_token, file = file_name)

Create an environment variable

cat(paste0("GOOGLE_MAPS_PAT=", file_name),
file = file.path(home_directory, ".Renviron"),
append = TRUE)

Visualize API key envirnomental variables


TWITTER_PAT=/Users/xxxxxx/.rtweet_token1.rds GOOGLE_MAPS_PAT=/Users/xxxxxx//google_maps_token.rds

After saving the google api key, I restart RStudio to start collecting tweets and this happens:

load rtweet library


collect tweets from USA

tweets_USA <- search_tweets("#lang:en",
                        geocode = lookup_coords("USA",apikey = "google_maps_token"),
                n=10, include_rts = FALSE)

Searching for tweets... Finished collecting tweets!

10 tweets from USA

collect tweets from Mexico

tweets_Mexico <- search_tweets("#lang:es",
                           geocode = lookup_coords("mexico",apikey = "google_maps_token"),
                n=10, include_rts = FALSE)

Searching for tweets... Finished collecting tweets!

no data collected from Mexico

Also, when I use the lookup_coords() function from rtweet package with "usa" it works

get coordinates from USA

usa <- lookup_coords("usa")

coordinates from USA

but when I try to use another address following the examples in the help section it does not collect any data

get coordinates from Brazil

bz <- lookup_coords("brazil")

no coordinates from Brazil

But when I directly write the API key in the function it works. For security reasons I write instead "XXXXXXXXXX"

mexico_coord <- lookup_coords(address = "mexico",
                          components = "country:Mexico",
                          apikey = "XXXXXXXXXXXX") 

mexico coordinates

Am I doing something wrong or do I need to install the API key in another directory? I have to say that my working directory (where I save my projects and scripts) is different from the home directory that appears as a result of running path.expand("~/")


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I found a solution to get the lookup_coords() function to work properly. I simply have to use the Sys.getenv() function to call the google_maps_token.rds

generate a variable with the coordinates from Mexico

mexico_coord <- lookup_coords(address = "mexico",
                          components = "country:Mexico",

Afterwards I can use the search_tweet() function to collect 10 tweets from Mexico in spanish

tuits_Mex_esp_10 <- search_tweets("lang:es",
                          geocode = mexico_coord, n = 10)

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