We're using Cognito. All is well. I added a user using the AdminCreateUser API, and they received their temporary password. Unfortunately they waited over a month to login, and now when they try to login with their temporary password, Cognito returns this error:

User account has expired, it must be reset by an administrator.

How do I do that? I don't see any reset button in the Cognito UI. Is there a CLI or API that I can call?


Currently admin-reset-user-password and admin-enable-user does not work for an expired user, the way you would reset an expired user is to call AdminCreateUser again with the parameter MessageAction value = 'RESEND'

For example Via CLI command:

aws cognito-idp admin-create-user --region us-east-1 --user-pool-id us-east-1_youruserpoolid --username theusername --message-action RESEND

From the documentation:

"Set to 'RESEND' to resend the invitation message to a user that already exists and reset the expiration limit on the user's account."

Once you have reset the user, the user will need to change the temporary password otherwise they will be put back into this state again once they have exceeded the expiration time period (by default 7 days according to AWS documentation).

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    And there you saved my day! ;) – Jean-Baptiste Dec 28 '20 at 20:26
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    And this is why I love stackoverflow. Thanks Ryan! – Chris Christensen Jan 5 at 17:29
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    Any way to do this for the AWS Console? – Orestes Kappa Feb 16 at 8:20
  • @OrestesKappa Not that I know of. – Ryan Shillington Mar 3 at 14:57

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