I have I bunch of files in a directory, named like this:

cat.10171.jpg cat.12421.jpg cat.3421.jpg

I want to move part of them to another directory using this from Colab notebook:

!mv cat.{0..499}.jpg /content/train

I have an error:

mv: cannot stat 'cat.{0..499}.jpg': No such file or directory

Any ideas how to do this and what is the reason?


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This also worked for me:

shutil.move("path/to/current/file", "path/to/new/destination/for/file")


shutil.move("/content/cat.10171.jpg", "/content/train") 

I have an idea , you don't need to move them to colab because after some hours , Colab will restart automatic and all data will removed , so what's solution for that ? Simply, you can copy them to colab from Drive but How can i do that ? Here's solution for that :

!cp "/content/drive/My Drive/*.jpg" "/content/train"

BUt if you still want to move them not copy , Here's solution for that :

!mv "/content/drive/My Drive/*.jpg" "/content/train"

Conclusion , " cp " for copy and " mv " for move

!mv "/content/P14-Convolutional-Neural-Networks.zip" "/content/drive/My Drive/U/señales/colab/"

you have to use "" to make it readable


Try this

!bash -c 'mv cat.{0..499}.jpg /content/train'
!bash -c 'cp /content/gdrive/My\ Drive/Colab\ Notebooks/dataset/brain_tumor_dataset/train/Y{41..120}.JPG /content/gdrive/My\ Drive/Colab\ Notebooks/dataset/brain_tumor_dataset/train/yes/' 
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