I have 2 spark RDD, the 1st one contains a mapping between some indices and ids which are strings and the 2nd one contains tuples of related indices

val ids = spark.sparkContext.parallelize(Array[(Int, String)](
      (1, "a"), (2, "b"), (3, "c"), (4, "d"), (5, "e"))).toDF("index", "idx")

val relationships = spark.sparkContext.parallelize(Array[(Int, Int)](
  (1, 3), (2, 3), (4, 5))).toDF("index1", "index2")

I want to join somehow these RDD (or merge or sql or any best spark practice) to have at the end related ids instead:

The result of my combined RDD should return:

("a", "c"), ("b", "c"), ("d", "e")

Any idea how I can achieve this operation in an optimal way without loading any of the RDD into a memory map (because in my scenarios, these RDD can potentially load millions of records)

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You can approach this by creating a two views from DataFrame as following


Next run the following SQL query to generate the required result which performs inner join between relationships and ids view to generate the required result

import sqlContext.sql;
val result = spark.sql("""select t.index1, id.idx from 
                                (select id.idx as index1, rel.index2 
                               from relationships rel
                               inner join
                               ids id on rel.index1=id.index) t
                         inner join
                         ids id
                         on id.index=t.index2


Another approach using DataFrame without creating views

join(ids.as("ids"),  $"ids.index" === $"rel.index1").as("temp").
join(ids.as("ids"), $"temp.index2"===$"ids.index").
select($"temp.idx".as("index1"), $"ids.idx".as("index2")).show

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