A component's color in Material UI can be 'default' | 'inherit' | 'primary' | 'secondary'

What do "default" and "inherit" mean here? Some components' default color is "default", while some's is "inherit". This confuses me more.

I did a lot of search. Can't find the answer.

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Here are some materialUI docs that describe it (albiet poorly, not specifically defining what inherit does)

I was not able to specifically find docs describing the behavior, however - all it does is set the color via css inherit, rather than explicitly defining the color. Which is to say, if the component is nested and you defined a specific color on the top level component, inherit will have the sub-component take that color, rather than being the default color.


What I have found is Inherit means the color of the text will be the same as the color of the text in the parent element

For example, if a parent component has a textColor of primary and a child component has a textColor of inherit, the child component's text will have the same color as the parent component's text that is defined as primary.

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