I just started learning flask and I am stuck at setting up the Flask environment variables. I don't know how to setup the environment variables. Whenever I use the flask run command, I encounter the following error:

Error message : Could not locate a Flask application. You did not provide the "FLASK_APP" environment variable, and a "wsgi.py" or "app.py" module was not found in the current directory.

I did a lot of google searches to setup environment variables on Windows but I am unable to find a solution and sometimes I am not able to understand the solution.

How to do this ? How to get the "app.py" or "wsgi.py" ?

error message


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Windows PowerShell

set FLASK_APP=hello.py
$env:FLASK_APP = "hello.py"
flask run

you need to provide an application environment. So Flask needs to know, the .py file to run. Try to run that command

export FLASK_APP=application.py

where application.py - name of your Flask app in my case it is application.py.

after that

flask run

hope this could help someone, first set flask env like this inside the python virtual env (for windows command prompt)

set FLASK_ENV=development


set FLASK_APP=app.py 

(app.py should be your flask application file)


I used this and it worked because I am doing it in Windows PowerShell.

$env:FLASK_APP = "app.py"

however, flask run didn't and gave me could not import application.


I don't think the 'flask run' command is the one which causes the error here. I got the same message error and the problem came from the fact I copied/pasted the set FLASK_APP and $env: FLASK_APP commands as written in the documentation. I had to add spaces before and after '>' or '=', and then everything worked.

Example: this command didn't work 'C:\path\to\app>set FLASK_APP=hello.py', but this one did 'C:\path\to\app > set FLASK_APP = hello.py'.

Maybe it's the same problem you have?


My error was also same but fortunately I was able to resolve it. Here you go,

   D:\Development\Projects\Python_Projects\flask_blog>set FLASK_APP=app.py
   D:\Development\Projects\Python_Projects\flask_blog>$env:FLASK_APP = "app.py"
   D:\Development\Projects\Python_Projects\flask_blog>python -m  flask run

You need to actually run it from your Windows command line, NOT the built in command line for something like Visual Studio Code. Run those commands from your windows command line, in the proper directory, and everything should work.

The reason this creates problems - Visual Studio Code creates a Powershell environment for your command line. You could use the recommended $env:FLASK_APP = "your_app.py" from within the VSC environment and that will work too.

A bit late but I hope this helps others!!!

$> set FLASK_APP=application.py
$> flask run
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    Thanks for your answer. Can you provide some additional explanation or resources to improve your answer? Jun 14 '19 at 18:36
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    Put "set FLASK_APP = app.py" then "flask run" in the cmd command make shore you have installed flask with "pip install flask" Jun 15 '19 at 23:07

If you're using powershell, make sure you add quotations when setting the environment variable:

$env:FLASK_APP = "app.py

Then flask run should work.


I was facing the same problem and the thing that worked for me was don't put spaces before and after the = sign.
For example: FLASK_APP = flaskblog.py is wrong and will likely give you an error because of the spaces before and after the = sign.
Instead try FLASK_APP=flaskblog.py
It worked for me.


Remove space between FLASK_APP and flaskblog.py, then execute flask run command or just run the program like other program python flaskblog.py


A step-wise solution is provided below:

  1. Go to the folder where you have placed your flask app (on the command line)

  2. Create a virtual environment as using the command ($ py -m venv env) here 'venv' is the short form of the virtual environment and 'env' at the end represents the name of the environment which you want (I have named it as env). Thereafter you can see at from the file explorer that a folder named 'env' is created in the folder stated at point #1 above.

  3. Enter the following command ($env\Scripts\activate) by pressing enter this will turn on your virtual environment

  4. Thereafter, enter the following command ($set FLASK_APP=<your app name>.py)

  5. Enter the following command ($flask run)


The similar error was appearing when I was trying to run the application. I have to change the path. I changed directory to the folder where hello.py was saved.

(venv) C:\Users\win10\flask-tutorial\myproject>cd venv
(venv) C:\Users\win10\flask-tutorial\myproject\venv>set FLASK_APP=hello.py
(venv) C:\Users\win10\flask-tutorial\myproject\venv>flask run

The set command works but to setup the environment, you need to make sure that you are in the right directory where the file is located. For example, if my application is hello_world.py and it is located at the venv\hello\hello_world.py, you need to make sure that you are in the right directory before setting up set FLASK_APP=hello_world.py this is for windows but in another OS, you need to use export instead set

(venv) C:\Users\myProjects\venv\hello\set FLASK_APP=hello_world.py


Try using app.py instead of different name

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    The question was more about how to properly set the environment variable. Jan 13 at 1:53

You need to specify the environment of the application. Like this

export FLASK_APP = application.py

after performing this operation

flask run

But my suggestion is that it will be easier for you to perform these operations there while creating your application, rather than constantly stating this in the terminal. After reviewing the documentation, if you do what I said, it will be enough to come to the terminal and run python app.py runserver in terminal.

You can check flask's documentation for that. https://flask.palletsprojects.com/en/1.1.x/patterns/appfactories/


I just had the same problem on Windows, using the command line. And problem was that I wasn't setting my app as the one that flask needs to run. So, in my case, I turned the debug mode on first (not required but convenient) with:

set FLASK_ENV=development


set FLASK_ENV=server.py #where server.py is the name of my "app"

and finally ran flask:

flask run


You're typing in the commands that look correct. It may be a Windows security item that your user cannot make changes to environmental variables. If you're on Windows 10, search "View Advanced System Settings." Then click environmental variables, hit new user variable and make it FLASK_APP and set the path where it asks. Then do flask run in terminal.

To add: if your terminal is just not cooperating with your environment variables, you can just call the method inside the script itself, avoiding this error completely.

from flask import Flask
app = Flask(__name__)

#your decorators, etc here

if __name__=='__main__':

Then when you're in your activated virtual environment, all that's needed is

$python flaskblog.py

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