I have a big problem. I developed an app with Xamarin.Forms and I use Xamarin.Auth to store credentials on device to mantain login. Xamarin.Auth uses Keychain to store credentials on iOS.

My problem is: for some reason that I still do not understand, an app for a user crashes immediately after login and after credentials are stored in keychain. So user cannot make logout because he cannot even open the app without it crashes. But if he cannot make logout, he cannot delete credentials from keychain and he cannot uses app anymore unless I understand the problem and solve it by code.

Obviously uninstalling the application is useless because keychain keeps everything and resetting factory conditions of the phone is absurd because you would lose all the data and if you do not want to lose them you should make a backup that, I presume, even saves the content of keychain.

So how can I do? Can I somehow force the deletion of keychain items?

  • You will need to work out why your app is crashing and release an updated version. If your value is in the iCloud keychain then they may be able to remove it using the keychain utility on their Mac (if they have one). If it is a local keychain value then only way to remove the value from keychain is to erase the device. – Paulw11 Jul 1 '18 at 11:09

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