I have the latest stable release of Jenkins 2.121.1 installed on my Windows10Pro(x64)-build machine.

Problem no 1:

I can't find the system-wide workspace settings as shown for instance in this thread: How to change workspace and build record Root Directory on Jenkins?

Has this been removed? I only have the workspace settings available for the specific jobs, but I would like to change it on a system-wide-level.

Problem no 2:

When I configure the custom work space for a specific job like so: custom work space

It is supposed to use the name for the item that I've created. Instead it LITERALLY creates a folder with this name, like so: literally

Even though the jenkins documentation says I should use "${ITEM_FULL_NAME}", I've tried different variants (ITEM_FULLNAME) etc.

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It looks like a bug

enter image description here

They mention Under the Advance Tab but I don't find it anywhere either.


Modify the jenkins.xml directly from

  <env name="JENKINS_HOME" value="%BASE%"/>


<env name="JENKINS_HOME" value="newPath\Jenkins"/>

Considering the 2nd issue you can modify the config.xml

enter image description here


You can set the env variable when you start the jenkins.war

 SET JENKINS_HOME=new\Path\directory
 SET ITEM_ROOTDIR=new\root\directory

 java -jar jenkins.war

You will have to do this each time you start and stop the services

  • That did it! I did not have access (even as administrator) to change the config.xml-file, but after changing the access properties (by right-clicking & properties) I was able to change the file. Thanks!
    – Jakob
    Jul 2, 2018 at 19:12

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