There is NO Sql Script activity in Azure Data Factory V2. So how can I create a stored proc, a schema in a database? What are my options?

  • There is no way to run SQL Script currently in Azure Data Factory. You should be able to create a Stored Proc directly in the database where you want to run it and execute using ADF "Stored Procedure" activity. – Sumit B Jul 2 '18 at 1:23

I agree that the absence of something like "Execute SQL task" is SSIS is bumming. I normally use a "LookUp" activity as I don't like to create procedures for simple tasks which could be a one line command. The only constraint of lookup activity is that it needs some sort of output result set. So what I do when I need to run an update statement is something like this:

enter image description here

The dummy query select 0 id "feeds" the data to the Lookup activity and thus it is able to run the command set on database.

  1. There is a preCopyScript property. You could put your script there. It will be executed before each run.

  2. You could use store procedure activity as Summit mentioned.

  3. You could also create a custom activity.

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