I have an existing Perl script which hash many number of command line options which are processed using Getopt::Std (getopts function). But I want to add 2 new options with "--testrun" and "--cfgarray". So I used use Getopt::Long; and GetOptions('testrun' => \$test_flag); "--testrun" takes no argument. Simply used as a flag like if($test_flag). It works when run seperately. But since in my perl script there is both use Getopt::Long; and use Getopt::Std; - both I get error - unknown options from getopts api (when it is called before GetOptions). Can both Getopt::Std and Getopt::Long be used in a single perl script. Please help me out. Thanks in advance.


Getopt::Std and Getopt::Long both just interpret @ARGV, so if you fiddle with that, it's theoretically possible to use both of them in one script, or to call GetOptions more than once. However, I wouldn't recommend it - just use Getopt::Long.

This code:

use Getopt::Std;
getopts('a:b', \my %opts) or die "Bad options\n";

can be translated into:

use Getopt::Long;
GetOptions(\my %opts, 'a=s', 'b') or die "Bad options\n";

and then you can add more options, and long options. Here, I've added a short alias -t for the option --testrun, just to demonstrate:

use Getopt::Long;
GetOptions(\my %opts, 'a=s', 'b',
    'testrun|t', 'cfgarray' ) or die "Bad options\n";

AFAIK you cannot use both, but Getopt::Long supports also short options, so you could stick with it.

  • ok thanks. Then I want to use GetOptions to do getopts("yjfei:o:j:z:", \%opts); . In GetOptions (Getopt::Long;) can we feed arguments to hash ? and same time I want to get some values to an array. (as i mentioned in question. Can we do both?) I also read that we cannot call GetOptions more than once in program. can you please give me an example were GetOptions is uused to get getopts("yjfei:o:j:z:", \%opts) into that hash opts. and also get 3 integers into an array as well. Thanks in advance. – Jaya Surya S Athikesavan Jul 2 '18 at 7:34
  • Please have a look at Getopt::Long! It's all there: E.g. Storing options values in a hash or Options with multiple values – marderh Jul 2 '18 at 7:49

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