Hey guys, I'm kind of a c# noob, so hang with me here. I have finished my program in c#, hit build solution, and grabbed the exe out of the bin folder in my project directory. I noticed the description under the filename was "WindowsFormApplication1". I browsed briefly through any fields in the solutions explorer I might change, but nothing worked. Am I doing the right thing to release my program, and/or where can you change that description? I would like to just pass the exe around.


Two methods.

  1. Right click on project=>properties=>Application=>Assembly Information...

  2. Solution Explorer=>Project=>Properties folder=>AssemblyInfo.cs


You can change them in the project properties at Application -> Assembly Information....
If you're concerned about the meta data in general, you may want to disable the pdb at Build -> Advanced... -> Debug Info or the assembly will contain the full path to the .pdb file, wich usually contains the user name.

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