I develop a Rook Apps and it works perfectly . so i want to deploy under Rstudio with different IP and PORT: so i use the code of jeffrey horner :


But, doesn't work! with lastest Rook commit in github and R version 3.4.3 :

 Error in get(name, envir = asNamespace(pkg) , inherits =FALSE):
object 'startHTTPD' introuvable 
calls : ::: -> get

Actually, if you check the package tools:: . the function startHTTPD doesn't exsit any more in tools:: environment. Breno try to fix this, but, still the same problem to me.

Any one cross this problem or have i solution .


  • I don't know whether this would solve your issue, but for using Rook with RStudio I use devtools::install_github("filipstachura/Rook") instead of the CRAN package. – Stéphane Laurent Jul 12 '18 at 12:56

I know I'm a bit late to answer this, but this had me stumped and I figured it out. The function name has changed, recently to "C_startHTTPD". So that code you need to start an internal http server for rook is now:

if (as.integer(R.version[["svn rev"]]) > 59600) {
  status <- .Call(tools:::C_startHTTPD, myInterface, myPort)
} else {
  status <- .Internal(C_startHTTPD(myInterface, myPort))

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