I am using dialyzer to fix warnings in erlang code,

io:format(IoDevice, "[]");

this line produces the following error

The call io:format(IoDevice::pid(),[91 | 93,...]) will never return since the success typing is (atom() | binary() | string(),[any()]) -> 'ok' and the contract is (Format,Data) -> 'ok' when Format :: format(), Data :: [term()]

I am not able to understand what the problem is can anyone expalin it?

Thank you


I recommend to read io manual page. Its usage is simple:

1> io:format("hello ~p~n", [world]). % ~n means newline
hello world
2> io:format("hello ~p~n", [<<"world">>]).             
hello <<"world">>
3> io:format("hello ~s~n", [<<"world">>]).
hello world

In above dialyzer told you that io:format/2 (format/2 means function format which accepts 2 arguments) accepts an atom() or string() or binary() as 1st argument and a list with zero or more elements as 2nd argument. According to your code, dialyzer detects that IoDevice is an Erlang pid() not an string() or binary().

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