I have a list of objects. I want to temporarily create second list out of some objects in the original list and sort the second list. After I am done using the second list, I want to discard this list but still keep the original list

How do I do this in an elegant manner?

Please use below as eg:

public class Person
    public int index {get; set;}
    public int score {get; set;}

I have a list defined like this;

List<Person>  myList;

myList is originally sorted based on index. I want a temporary list created out of myList for scores between 50 and 75, sorted based on score.

Update: This question is marked as a possible duplicate of another question (which answers how to sort), but I need more than sorting a) coping the list b) filtering out elements c) sort it


Querying is the thing Linq has been designed for:

 using System.Linq;


 List<Person> myTempList = myList
   .Where(item => item.score > 50 && item.score < 75)
   .OrderBy(item => item.score)

You can do this easily using LINQ:

myList.Where(p => p.score >= 50 && p.score <= 70).OrderByDescending(p => p.score).ToList();

This will give you a new list with persons that have score between 50 and 70 and will sort it (bigger person with score is first).


using LINQ:

var newList  = myList.Where(s=>s.score>=50 && s.score<=75).OrderBy(s=>s.score).ToList();

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