I'm new to k8s, so some of my terminology might be off. But basically, I'm trying to deploy a simple web api: one load balancer in front of n pods (where right now, n=1).

However, when I try to visit the load balancer's IP address it doesn't show my web application. When I run kubectl get deployments, I get this:

tl-api    1         1         1            0           4m

Here's my YAML file. Let me know if anything looks off--I'm very new to this!

apiVersion: apps/v1beta1
kind: Deployment
  name: tl-api
  replicas: 1
        app: tl-api
      - name: tl-api
        image: tlk8s.azurecr.io/devicecloudwebapi:v1
        - containerPort: 80
      - name: acr-auth
        beta.kubernetes.io/os: windows
apiVersion: v1
kind: Service
  name: tl-api
  type: LoadBalancer
  - port: 80
    app: tl-api

Edit 2: When I try using ACS (which supports Windows), I get this:

  Type     Reason                 Age                From                   Message
  ----     ------                 ----               ----                   -------
  Normal   Scheduled              11m                default-scheduler      Successfully assigned tl-api-3466491809-vd5kg to dc9ebacs9000
  Normal   SuccessfulMountVolume  11m                kubelet, dc9ebacs9000  MountVolume.SetUp succeeded for volume "default-token-v3wz9"
  Normal   Pulling                4m (x6 over 10m)   kubelet, dc9ebacs9000  pulling image "tlk8s.azurecr.io/devicecloudwebapi:v1"
  Warning  FailedSync             1s (x50 over 10m)  kubelet, dc9ebacs9000  Error syncing pod
  Normal   BackOff                1s (x44 over 10m)  kubelet, dc9ebacs9000  Back-off pulling image "tlk8s.azurecr.io/devicecloudwebapi:v1"

I then try examining the failed pod:

PS C:\users\<me>\source\repos\DeviceCloud\DeviceCloud\1- Presentation\DeviceCloud.Web.API> kubectl logs tl-api-3466491809-vd5kg
Error from server (BadRequest): container "tl-api" in pod "tl-api-3466491809-vd5kg" is waiting to start: trying and failing to pull image

When I run docker images I see the following:

REPOSITORY                                   TAG                            IMAGE ID            CREATED             SIZE
devicecloudwebapi                            latest                         ee3d9c3e231d        24 hours ago        7.85GB
tlk8s.azurecr.io/devicecloudwebapi           v1                             ee3d9c3e231d        24 hours ago        7.85GB
devicecloudwebapi                            dev                            bb33ab221910        25 hours ago        7.76GB
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Your problem is that the container image tlk8s.azurecr.io/devicecloudwebapi:v1 is in a private container registry. See the events at the bottom of the following command:

$ kubectl describe po -l=app=tl-api

The official Kubernetes docs describe how to resolve this issue, see Pull an Image from a Private Registry, essentially:

  • Create a secret kubectl create secret docker-registry
  • Use it in your deployment, under the spec.imagePullSecrets key
  • Thanks. Now I'm getting: "Failed to pull image "tlk8s.azurecr.io/devicecloudwebapi:v1": rpc error: code = Unknown desc = unknown blob." Does it not recognize my image name? I'm pretty sure it's right. – Slothario Jul 2 at 18:00
  • 1
    Got it. Since I can't reproduce that, I can only guess: if you're using ACS, maybe you're hitting the same issue as described in here: kvaes.wordpress.com/2017/06/21/…? – Michael Hausenblas Jul 2 at 19:13
  • 1
    Ah, my Google fu failed me. Thanks for the find. It looks like I can't run Windows containers currently on AKS! Thanks for your help. (For the curious, it says: "To run Windows Server containers, you need to run Windows Server-based nodes. Windows Server-based nodes are not available in AKS at this time. If you need to run Windows Server containers on Kubernetes in Azure, please see the documentation for acs-engine.") – Slothario Jul 2 at 19:32
  • Can I bug you again? I tried deploying with ACS now (which DOES support Windows nodes) and now I'm getting error syncing pod. Any ideas about that? – Slothario Jul 3 at 15:48
  • Maybe best in a separate question, to keep it clean? – Michael Hausenblas Jul 3 at 16:33

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