I am trying to get a back feature working on a Iphone web application.

I have looked at all the other posts about this issue, but none of them address my specific case.

This is my sequence of actions;

home page -> event page (click of a person name) -> person page

Right now, I have the <%= link_to 'Back', :back %> on both the event page and person page. With this kind of implementation, when I click on back from the person page, it takes me to the event page as expected. But when I click on back from the event page, it goes back to the person page because that is the page I came from.(whereas the expected functionality and the functionality from a browser back button would be to take me to the home page)..

Can anybody help me get this functionality in Rails?

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    Make sure you have JavaScript enabled. Could you please post the HTML code of your page. It should be something like: javascript:history.back()
    – Zepplock
    Commented Feb 25, 2011 at 6:13
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    Thanks Zepplock. When I changed <%= link_to "Back", :back %> to <%= link_to "Back", 'javascript:history.back()' %> things worked fine. I didn't expect it to be this simple. The HTML for <%= link_to "Back", :back %> was not the one with javascript, it was the url itself. I have Javascript enabled in chrome. I'm not sure why this is the case though. Commented Feb 25, 2011 at 6:37

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In the rails documentation for the link_to method you can read:

(...) use :back to link to the referrer - a JavaScript back link will be used in place of a referrer if none exists

And you can see that in the code of url_for method:

when :back
  controller.request.env["HTTP_REFERER"] || 'javascript:history.back()'

In your case, the referrer for the event page is the person page. Like @Zepplock pointed, you probably want to hardcode the javascript:history.back(), this is the same as clicking the Back button.


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