When I use pygame to play mp3s, they play too quickly.

Of course I looked around and found the same problem here. But unfortunately the solution didn't work. I know the mp3s are encoded at 16000 Hz, and I verified this using mutagen. But specifying the frequency didn't help, and in fact changing frequencies didn't change the speed of playback.

I also found this answer, which effectively suggested a different initialization method. But that didn't work for me either.

I'm running a python script as root, and using a USB sound card. I edited my alsa configuration file per this answer to set it as the default audio out for root. Then I'm using this code (or variations per the above SO answers):


It always plays at what sounds like twice the speed, even when I use different values for the frequency.


Here's the code in more detail:

import boto3
from io import StringIO
import json
import os.path
from contextlib import closing
from time import sleep
import pygame

pygame.mixer.pre_init(16000, -16, 2, 2048)

#pygame.mixer.pre_init(16384, -16, 2, 1024*3)

def play_file(filename):
    while pygame.mixer.music.get_busy():

  • This might be just plain silly, but you've confirmed that the original .mp3 file is not 2x the speed, right? (That happened to me once for some reason.) Also, could you provide a little more of your program so that it's easier for us to debug? I don't see anything wrong with this right now; try leaving out the frequency parameter? – Jerrybibo Jul 3 at 13:24
  • Correct, confirmed! I can play the mp3 via the command line, e.g. mplayer myfile.mp3, and it works as expected. Have tried leaving out the frequency parameter. Just added more detailed code. – Twiffy Jul 3 at 19:04

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