We have a Prestashop store in version Up until now we had a very old version (1.4) and since upgrading was very difficult we made a new installation.

Before, in 1.4, our store worked only for USA clients, but now we are expanding and want to work worldwide.

For accounting reasons, we want to have 2 Paypal accounts. The old one for USA, and a new one based in Europe, that will handle all the other countries.

I have the store detect where are you login from and showing the prices in USD or EURO, so it can know where you are.

Is it possible to have 2 different Paypal accounts and have 2 payment options? So I could bind one of those to the "usa" group and the other to the rest? If possible, how?

Extra question: If this is not possible, would the MultiStore option help with this?

Thank you!

P.D: We are using PayPal v3.10.10 fixed by DH42 right now.

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